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TPG Body

Our TPG Body collection is by far the largest.  Let us tell you a little about our body products.

We offer the Best Organic Lotions that will help with Body Firming, Skin Firming, and many other Skin Treatments.  Our Organic Body Lotions are comparable to many large name brand Body Butter or Moisturizer, but without all of the harsh chemicals. Our Dry Skin Lotions and Dry Skin Creams will restore your skin back to a healthy state.

Baby Products
We have Organic Baby Lotion, Diaper Balm and Mineral Free Baby Oil for your sweet one.  Our Soothing Baby Lotion is gentle enough for all types of skin, including sensitive baby's skin.

Wellness Products
One of our best selling products is our Arnica Wellness Gel.  Arnica is known to have pain removing properties. This is a natural cure to remove pain topically on your skin. Great for muscle pain or bone aches.