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TPG Bath

Our TPG Bath collection is the most fun! Let us tell you a little about our bath products.

Sugar Scrubs
We have Sugar Scrubs, Face Scrubs and Face Masks that will exfoliate your skin, leaving it renewed and ready for our lotions.

Bath Bombs
Before you exfoliate and lotion up, try our Bath Bombs, Bath Bomb Cupcakes, and Bath Fizzy products to soften your skin.

Body Wash
We also have Natural Body Wash and Organic Body Wash that smells so good to use in the shower.

Handmade Soaps
One of our pride and joys is our Handmade Soaps and Organic Soaps. They are made with Natural Oils and Ingredients.

Whipped Soaps
Most fun is our Whipped Soap that all have fun fragrances for your face, body or shaving.