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The Purple Goat Announces Exciting Move to 63 Kempton Rd, Swanzey, NH

The Purple Goat Announces Exciting Move to 63 Kempton Rd, Swanzey, NH

June 26, 2024 – The Purple Goat is thrilled to announce its relocation to a new, more convenient location at 63 Kempton Rd in Swanzey, NH. This move marks a new chapter for the beloved shop, bringing it closer to the home of its owner, Heidi, who recently embraced motherhood.


The coordination of the move to the new location was no small feat. Despite the logistical challenges, including transporting a delicate building and ensuring a seamless setup, The Purple Goat team worked tirelessly to make the transition as smooth as possible. Heidi, balancing her new role as a mom, found that the move closer to home made managing the shop more practical and less stressful.


In addition to the new location, The Purple Goat is excited to introduce several new products to its loyal customers including goat's milk lattes which are a creamy and delicious addition to the shop, a weekly baked good item to complement your latte and also a farmstand, which is always open and stocked with farm-fresh eggs, homemade jarred products, and even firewood, ensuring that customers have access to quality goods at any time.


The Purple Goat will operate during the following hours:

  • Tuesday through Friday: 9am to 4pm on demand. Customers can also take advantage of our unique on-demand service by ringing a bell for service outside regular hours.
  • Saturday: 9am to 4pm with staff available to assist and serve you.


"We are incredibly excited about this move and the new opportunities it brings," said Heidi, owner of The Purple Goat. "Being closer to home not only makes it easier for me to manage the shop but also allows us to offer even better service and more unique products to our customers."


The Purple Goat invites the community to visit the new location and experience the warm, welcoming atmosphere that has made it a favorite spot for so many. Whether you're stopping by for a goat's milk latte, picking up some farm-fresh eggs, or enjoying our soaps, lotions, sugar scrubs, candles or crocheted items, there's something for everyone at The Purple Goat.


For more information, please visit


About The Purple Goat:

The Purple Goat is a shop offering a range of handmade body, home and beauty products, as well as unique gifts. Known for its friendly atmosphere and commitment to non-toxic ingredients and top quality, The Purple Goat continues to be a cherished part of the Swanzey community.


Press Contact:
Heidi Hurt, Owner

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