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Gout-Gone is a safe, non-addictive, natural remedy containing 100% homeopathic ingredients especially selected to temporarily relieve symptoms of gout, such as swelling and redness in small joints, especially the big toe. Gout-Gone helps to support joint health and keep uric acid levels in the healthy range, thereby temporarily addressing discomfort associated with gout, without the risk of side effects.
Size: 2 oz
Content Type: Liquid
Ingredients: Antimonium crud (6C) HPUS, Quercus (12C) HPUS, Rhododendron (6C) HPUS, Benzoic ac (6C) HPUS, Silicea (6X) HPUS, Nux vom (6C) HPUS, Ledum (6C) HPUS

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